The Ants Come Marching...

And when they do, they are relentless. You can find them in your kitchen, bathroom, living room - in fact, you may find them invading almost any room in your house!

Here's The Problem:

Most of the "do-it-yourself" products can actually make the problem worse. Despite their best efforts and intentions, the homeowner doesn't kill the ant Queen, and so the colony survives. Many chemicals may even cause the ants to "bud off" and form new colonies with new queens, making the problem many times worse.

The typical pest control technician will spray the inside of your home to kill the ants. Problem is, this spray only kills the ants that crawl on it, and it, too, can cause a "bud off" effect. So after you have paid out lot's of your hard earned money, you're back to square one.

Here's The Solution:

The 1st Choice "Inside & Out" Service - Only $50 + tax!

The revolutionary new products Termidor and Phantom give unmatched control of ants pest ants.

These two products are the most advanced on themarket for ant control. Since thay are so advanced, ants can't detect them and will freely travel into areas where they have been applied. And, since the ants can't detect them, they aren't trapped inside your home, which commonly occurs with other products.

Here's the process: A band of Termidor is applied to the outside of your home, along the foundation and around doors and windows. Most ant problems start outside, since most ant species nest outdoors. Since they live outside, it just makes sense to start controlling them there.

Termidor kills ants in several ways. First, ants die from contact with it. They also die after ingesting treated materials. And third, it has a unique "Transfer Effect", so ants that don't directly come into contact with the Termidor will die after contacting ants that have been exposed to it. This way, all the ants, including the queen, will die, eliminating your problem for good.

If the problem indoors is large enough, then we apply Phantom to the problem areas. By treating the ant trails and entry points with Phantom, we can help get control of even the worst ant problems. Since we make every attempt not to expose you or your family to our products, we'll only apply the Phantom indoors if necessary.

Inside & Out - The "1-2 Punch" You Need For Tough Pest Ants Without Breaking Your Budget.

Make The Right Choice - Call 1st Choice

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