Spider Control

Controlling those spiders can be difficult. Many "over-the-counter" pest control supplies simply aren't formulated with spider control in mind. Sure, they may list spiders on the label, but the formulation (spray, fogger, etc.) may not lend itself well to controlling spiders.

To control spiders, you need to (1) contact the spider with the product, or (2) leave enough residue for the spider to pick up as it crawls along. With most sprays, the majority of the insecticide will soak into porous surfaces, such as carpet or concrete. Foggers, or "bombs", are usually nothing more than contact killers - the insecticide must make contact with the insect immediately to kill it. The problem is that the spiders hiding in cracks, crevices or wall voids won't be contacted by the "fog", so they survive your "fumigation" process.

Controlling spiders requires a THOROUGH treatment.

We control spiders through a process involving both chemical applications and non-chemical measures.

First, we'll treat spots, cracks, crevices & wall voids with a residual insecticide. We'll use a formulation that will give the best residual for the area it's applied to.

We may use a Suspension Concentrate - that's a spray product that is formulated with the insecticide crystals suspended in a water based carrier. Once applied, the crystals will stay where we put them, even on top of porous surfaces. Other spray products that provide excellent residual control are Wettable Powders and Micorencapsulations, or Capsule Suspensions.

Or, we may use a Dust product. Dusts are excellent for controlling spiders, as they provide the best residual of any product. Dusts ARE NOT for open, exposed areas. They should only be used in wall voids, behind baseboards, or in cracks and crevices.

Dusts SHOULD NOT be applied under or behind appliances. Those with coolong fans will only stir the dust up into the air, and you really don't want to breathe in insecticide dust.

Non-chemical control of spiders is best done by using Glueboards, or Sticky-Traps. These are just like the mouse glue traps you find at Lowe's or Home Depot. These really help with Brown Recluse spider control. Recluse spiders are "hunting" spiders - they roam around looking for prey. They will roam right onto a glueboard, and a trapped spider is as good as a dead one.

Q - My house has a crawlspace under it. Should you fog it?

Fogging the crawlspace MAY kill a few exposed spiders, but it may also drive them up into the living areas. A better solution would be to power spray the crawlspace using a Wettable Powder or Microcap formulation. These will have little or no odor and will provide excellent residual in that protected environment.

Q - What's the best thing I can do for the small spiders indoors?

Vacuum them up or use a broom to sweep them away. This is a good idea, also, on areas of the outside where small spiders accumulate, such as around porch lights.

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