What Will Get Rid Of Your Termites?


For over 50 years, nothing has protected structures better than a complete soil "barrier" or "treated zone" using liquid termiticides, and since it's introduction, nothing has provided a better "treated zone" than Termidor. Termidor is our product of choice for termite control. It has been extensively tested, and in test after test it has provided 100% control of termites in 3 months or less. (That's 2 to 6 times faster than bait systems!)

A few reasons why we use Termidor:
* Termidor is one of the most tested termite control products on the market.
* Termidor has proved 100% effective in all soil types, and against different species of termites, such as Eastern Suberranean and Formosan termites.
* Termidor has provided unmatched protection on homes in the USA, France and Japan.
* Termidor doesn't leach or move from the treated site.
* The active ingredient (Fipronil) was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to be applied directly on puppies at a concentration nearly 200 times stronger than what we use for termites. Fipronil is topically applied to dogs & puppies at 9.7% (Front Line, Top Spot), whereas termite controllers apply it in the soil and foundations at the much lower concentration of .06%.

That means that you and your family are exposed to very little insecticide, yet it is more than enough to eliminate any current termite infestation AND provide long-lasting protection against any new termite infestation.

When you look at how Termidor works, it really works much like a termite bait. It uses termites to spread through the colony, and it kills the colony. So really, it's a liquid that works like a bait!

100% Control of Termites in 3 Months Or Less! We Guarantee It!

QUESTION: What Other Company Offers You That Kind Of Guarantee?
ANSWER: None! Don't Waste Your Time Looking For A Better Deal. You Won't Find It!

Frequently Asked Questions about Termidor

Q - How fast does TERMIDOR work on my termites?
Termidor will start affecting termites immediately upon application. As termites crawl through soil treated with Termidor, they will pick it up and pass it through the colony. You will have 100% control in 3 months or less.

Q - How long does TERMIDOR last?
At the time of writing, Termidor has been in it's test sites for over 8 years at 100% effectiveness. We can't say for sure how long it will last, but we will have proven data showing it will provide 100% protection for many years.

Q - Does TERMIDOR have an odor?
Unlike many termiticides used in previous years, Termidor has no odor we can detect.

Q - Will TERMIDOR kill all of my termites?
Tests have proven that Termidor will kill termites that wander into the treated soil, even termites that may be living or eating on wood many feet away from the treated "zone". It will kill both the termites currently infesting your property and others that wander into the treated soil around your property for many years to come.

Q - Can I buy TERMIDOR and treat my home myself?
Termidor is only available to Certified Pest Control Operators who have passed the Termidor Training and have become Termidor Certified Professionals. In addition, termite control is best left to professionals with years of experience in termite control, and who have the proper equipment to perform the job correctly.

It's your home. Shouldn't you want the best protection available?

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Looking For A Treatment Made Just For Your Home?
Then Look At Our Termite Prescription

Some homeowners are concerned about the application of many gallons of termiticides in and around their homes. We understand this concern, and we want to help these homeowners too. In an effort to help these, we have designed a termite treatment program that will address chemical concerns, construction difficulties, and still be effective in controlling termites. It's called our Termite Prescription, and it combines a variety of different control methods - from partial liquid applications to termite baits to borate applications - to provide the protection your home requires. Be sure to ask specifically for a Termite Prescription for your home when you call.

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