The 1st Choice
Termite Bait System

Cutting edge technology in termite colony elimination!

Since the mid 1990's, termite baiting has become a viable option in termite control. Environmentally, it's sound science. Less product in the environment. Structurally, it's good too. No drilling into concrete slabs around your home.

We introduce our 1st Choice Termite Bait System! Based on the Advance Termite Bait System from Whitmire Micro-Gen and utilizing the latest in termite colony elimination technology, our bait system offers you the biggest bait load available in any termite bait system, which means a constant supply of bait to eliminate the colony quicker than most competing systems. It also means less frequent inspections. Since there's more bait available, we do not need to monitor monthly, as some systems do. Instead, we can monitor on a Quarterly basis and still get control quickly.

How Our System Works:

Stations are installed in the soil around the perimeter of your home, and in areas we find conducive to termite infestation. (The installation process will usually take less than an hour.) These stations are monitored on a set schedule for termite activity. Your first system inspection will take place within 45 days of installation; the second inspection visit within 90 days of installation. All other visits are done within a 90 day timeframe. We also perform an exterior pest control service at the time of monitoring.

When termites attack a bait station, we apply a bait cartridge into the active station, and termites immediately begin to feed. The active ingredient is a slow-acting insect growth regulator that is passed through the colony members. It also has a secondary more of action which helps kill the colony quickly.

Should we feel it necessary, we will, with your approval, apply a spot application of termite control product into infested areas to put a quick stop to the damage the termites are doing. We use TERMIDOR, a liquid termite control product that works much like the bait system. Using this 1 -2 punch, we can control your termite problem quickly and effectively.

Here's The Best Part:

With our 1st Choice Termite Bait System, you aren't tied into a 2-year contract! Instead, we install the system, and you pay quarterly for the monitoring visits! That means you save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS over the competiting bait systems!

As you are well aware, costs for almost everything are going up almost daily. In addition, the cost of a competing bait system, Sentricon (a trademark of Dow AgroSciences) averages about $1,200, and it can be much higher for larger structures. Sure, you get a fancy computer generated report, and your technician has a neat looking sensor unit (similar to a metal detector) that he uses to walk around and check your bait stations. But are those two things REALLY worth the extra money? And, get this: After paying that high price, those bait stations still belong to Dow AgroSciences! You own NOTHING! Not one component of the bait system becomes yours, even though you fork out over $1,000!

If you are seriously considering using a bait system to control termites, give us a call. When you buy the 1st Choice Termite Bait System, you own it. We service the components, but the system is yours, as it should be. Additionally, since we have redesigned our business model, we can offer you this system for literally hundreds of dollars less than Sentricon!

It's your money and your home. Don't overpay for a system that you will never own. We'll be happt to come out and give you a no charge, no obligation cost estimate for installing our 1st Choice Termite Bait System.

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